Ch. Jagjit Singh ji


It is a matter immense pleasure and great satisfaction that a website on the Holy life, Bani, Teaching and philosophy of Guru Ravi Dass is being launched by Shri Guru Ravi Dass Trust on the occasion of 629th birthday of the great guru.

The pioneer of the socialistic pattern of society, Guru Ravi Dass wanted to create a new social order in the world based on equality, liberty and fraternity.

Sri Guru Ravi Dass foundation INDIA is actively engaged in propagating the philosophy of the Guru. For this purpose the Foundation has so far organized 8 International seminars on various aspects of Guru's teaching with a view to disseminating the noble message enshrined in the sacred Bani of the medieval period Saint - poet Guru Ravi Dass. The foundation has published dozens of books in different languages so as to reach its target abroad. The Guru Ravi Dass Bhawan, Jalandhar is playing a pivotal role in this respect through recitation of Guru's Bani in the morning and evening and also by holding Kirtan Darbars. A unique museum has been setup in the premises of Bhawan where the sacred belongings of the Holy Guru would be displayed for Public Darshan. The museum, which is first of its kind in the entire world, will project the life and mission of Guru Ravi Dass through pictures. Books on Guru Ravi Dass in different languages would be made available to research scholars including thesis written by various students for securing PhD Degrees. Valuable manuscripts traced by the scholars from Rajasthan, U.P. Punjab, United Kingdom etc. would be preserved for coming generation.

The Punjab Government under the dynamic leadership of Capt. Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister has been organizing State Level Function every year in connection with the celebration Birthday of Shri Guru Ravi Dass ji. In addition the Government has been striving hard to ameliorate the lot of the down trodden and other weaker sections of the society in order to achieve the desired goal.

I am confident that this website would play a remarkable role in providing the valuable information about Shri Guru Ravi Dass to the people living in India and abroad.

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