India is known worldwide as a country of saints, sacred people, gods and goddesses. They commanded highest respect in the society. Besides preaching, they were also instrumental in giving social order to the society for ages, which had to be scrupulously followed by the society. Priesthood was mightier than the Kings and whatever religious or social commands they gave was abided by the then Kings and the people. The social order given to ancient Hindu society by the Rishi-Munis was responsible for introduction of untouchability in the society.

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Ravidas Jaikara Magazine, 2006 Edition





Capt. Amarinder Singh ji
Hon'ble Chief Minister of Punjab

I am extremely happy to learn that a website on the teachings and life of Sri Guru Ravi Das ji is being launched from Jalandhar by Sri Guru Ravi Das Trust on the auspicious Birthday of the Holy guru.

As I am told this website will provide minor to major information about the most leading light of the medieval bhakti movement, saint poet, Sri Guru Ravi Das ji.

It is a matter of great satisfaction that the trust has been endeavoring hard to propagate the philosophy of equality and fraternity as preserved in the Bani of Sri Guru Ravi Das ji.

The website, I am confident will help in spreading the message of Sri Guru Ravi Das Bani to the people living throughout the world


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